Saturday, June 18, 2016

How To Make Money in Stock Markets

HowTo MakeMoney in StockMarkets and its Recipe for success in stock market

You need :
  • 1 Robust technical Trade signal Reporting system (as its called Trading system) like nifty XL,which tells you, when to trade or when not to trade.
  • As per taste Lot of patience and sharpeye to sniff the trades like sniffer dogs.
  • A pinch of Gamblers luck
  • Suggested garnishing Lot of spare money in form of margin call deposit
How to trade:
Step 1: Wake up early in morning, pray to all powerful almighty (which includes your wife also) for good day ahead.

Step 2: After the market opens, sit idle do nothing (like u do in front of wife) and let the market simmer for 30-45 minutes after opening..

Step 3: Depending situation at home and market... take a call for long or short trade,

Step 4: if hear any negative comments from background, take opposite trade and wait for it to be profitable.

Step 5: wait for a favorable outcome, else close the trade and curse your ancestors for bad luck.

Step 6: strain the trade for brokerage charges and taxes.

Garnish by withdrawing money to bank account.

Enjoy the day in High Spirits (pun intended!). Serves many (Brokers, idlers, exchanges, operators, jobbers, govt, IPOs, banks...etc)

Buyer Beware, We sell it irresponsibly. Harmful to spouses.

More Recipes to come...will update soon
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