Friday, January 13, 2012

"Sunny Days"

Jet Airways on Tuesday said its's aircraft will be 'wrap branded' with the nokia's Lumia ads to earn additional bucks for paying salaries of their pilots and staff. The aircraft wrap is like a flying billboard that allows you to take your brand to the skies quite literally. We are happy to partner with Nokia Lumia" Jet Airways marketing executive said.
so Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines which always adopts an innovative marketing strategy to snatch attention from Jet Airways' advertisement.
After hearing the jet airways strategy, our KF uncle Mr.Mallya, asked his hostesses to "wrap themselves" with "no extra money" for that, but all of them refused, citing they are not experienced in "wrapping themselves" , so he has roped in new sensation "Miss.Sunny Leone" for "Amazing Everyday" campaign, she happily obliged for reasons known very well.
Debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines which owe the nation and its people a total of Infinite crores of Rupees in various promised services, in a survey was asked to mend its ways, in the survey, India's Men folk complained that the cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines was "non-performing upto satifactions", while women of India with their familiar instincts said the carrier was ‘sub-standard’.
Later in the day, general secretary Pigvijaya Sangh, repeated his charge that the sunny leone's was fake and added he could not "probe" her, as the prime minister and home minister believed the sunny leone's was true.

When contacted for comments, Pigvijay Sangh refused to deny or confirm his desire, but he made it clear that he didn’t like anything that was fake. He refused to explain what he meant by “fake”.

jaggu found out by his Spying skill, its the visa in question here. Meanwhile,opposition has taken serious view of his comment and demanded the Immediate resignation of SMS and PC.

In Unrelated news,the foreign ministry has asked its Missions told to rigorously "scan" women visitors who are 15-40 years of age."Indian missionaries have been told to be in touch with them."

In fact, sources said, the GOI is very discreetly interested in "visitors" from a region that is friendly with New Delhi. "GOI scanning to make sure that the woman entering India is really useful. So that other useless(and fake) women do not enter the country. This is for benefit of Indians only..i have proof" said Pigvijaya sangh with showing "fare and lavely" advertisement in the newspaper.

With assembly elections in the states less than a month away, this announcement has expectedly raised youth's temperatures.

“The Election Commission of India should ask everyone cover themselves in burqa(to distinguish themselves as natives from visitors) in the country so that people are not able to see and get fooled,” said a 95-year old PIL Petitioner Raam Bharose.

meanwhile in next seasons kaun Banega Sunnpati.
Question: What does an Indian Visa Officer tells a visitor from Central Asian Country ???
Answer: Ek Chumma tu mujh ko udhaar de de, aur badle me multiple entry visa le le

After burning his lips badly, Amar Upadhyay is angry, extremely angry! And it is none other than Sunny Leone, who has rubbed him the wrong way by alleging that the actor had tried to get too 'touch-feely' with her during the tasks in the Bigg Boss' house.

jaggu with spy camera found out,it was true to a dime.
Amar thunders"Kya woh yahan apne paap dhone aayi hai? Sunny Leone is trying to fool Indian public!"
The actor cautions all the Men folk to tread with caution. "Mens should think 100 times before considering Sunny in their dreams. Tomorrow, she may accuse them of sexual harassment in their dreams, she only wants money" he thunders.

jaggu met sunny leone who was in jolly mood at her palatial Rastrapatni bhavan,"Its fine even valmiki was a dacoit before he turned saint and wrote Ramayana!!!!" said sunny leone
Meanwhile,OpPosition's Favourite sPokesPerson Pigvijay sangh said "Amar Upadhyay is plan D of BJP...i have proof." Amar Blasts Pigvijay saying "a pig is always fond of mud and garbage.." pointing to his name Pigvijay sangh.

Several Men organizations have stepped up their protest against controversial author Salman Rushdie's visit to the country, reason for their protest he is favourite among young women.
Now the anti-Rushdie chant has picked up, XWAG(eX-Wives And Girlfriends) United Council! have asked the government not to permit Rushdie into the country, because of his charming instinct and their female instinct, clearly the government is concerned about "Sizeable Votebank".

jaggu understands his readers sunnytiment very well, so he is always after news related to them ! If there is no such news then he creates it own to read it.

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