FAQ's for Fail Safe Indicator is now XL ( Excel ) Trading system

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)for Fail Safe Indicator is now XL ( Excel ) Trading system.
  • What is (FSI) now XL ( Excel ) Trading system?
Ans: Failsafe indicator now XL ( Excel ) Trading system is made from combination of Price and Moving Averages, which makes XL more reliable than other  indicators,since XL follow market(price) trend.

XL ( Excel ) Trading system is "3 step" simple & easy to use indicator, which is proven and tested in various bull and bear markets with excellent results.
  • Why FSI now XL ( Excel ) Trading system is in excel sheet format?
Ans: XL is trading system designed by Jaggu for himself, so basically it was meant for jaggu.
XL is trading system is made in excel sheet format, since jaggu wanted to change the scrips frequently like nifty index then commodity like gold silver,crude,...etc...where the software cant give any options to choose, unless there paid-data subscription, here u need free data from websites..

here in excel sheet, u can duplicate "excel sheet formula pages", for adding particular price, change the input..and its ready to use, saving your valuable time and money.
  • How will XL ( Excel ) Trading system will help me? Means XL ( Excel ) Trading system Advantage over other trading systems.
Ans: Main advantage of XL is robust tried and tested system, which cannot be fooled by any Quick Price Manipulation (like Gap up or gap down), since the XL is made by averaging the price with the trend.

A stock price moves for two possible reasons:
1. News about the company (Like a product launch, or the closure of a factory,etc.)
2. News about the economy (Like budget announcements,changes in tax structure and rates, political news  such as change of national government,other factors common to all companies in a country)

The Stock index captures the second part, the movements of the stock market as a whole (i.e. news
 factors related to entire economy). This is achieved by averaging. Each stock contains a mixture of two elements - stock news and index news. When we take an average of returns on many stocks, the individual stock news tends to cancel out and the only thing left is news that is common to all stocks. The news that is common to all stocks is news about the economy.

Just as index filters all the news regarding stock and its company, Similarly FSI averages the price over time to reflect true trend of the price.

  • What Can i trade using XL ( Excel ) Trading system? stocks/indices?
Ans: The XL Trading system can be used for ANY Indices/Stocks trading. XL gives same accuracy for all of them.

  • How to trade?
Ans: Entry should be based on the signal completion. Trade should be executed with once Signal is confirmed and completed. Trade should not be executed before the signal completion.
  • How much capital is required to Trade the Trading system?
Ans:Minimum 1 Lot Mini Nifty(20 shares or Rs.10,000 as Risk capital ) or Nifty future (50 shares or Rs.30,000 as Risk capital), Max: Infinite No.of Lots , depends on trader's risk for any trades.
  • Is XL trading system real-time?
Ans: Yes, for fast entry and exit purpose Only Nifty and Bank nifty intraday charts are auto refreshing real time charts

No, isn't Real-time for Positional trading, its to be filled manually, to avoid errors.

  • What XL ( Excel ) Trading system package consists of? how much does it costs?
Ans: XL trading system(Index and Equity) package cost is Rs.25,000 for India users with one time payment, and back end support(how to interpret and implement in trading nifty) and tutorials.

Please note in FSI trading system package, there are:

A: (Nifty + Stocks / Equity+ Bank Nifty) trading system package.
B: 1+1 Auto Updating Real time Nifty and Bank Nifty Intraday chart html files... just open it and run in internet explorer or firefox...u will get charts with signal for intraday updating every 5 seconds.... its real time software.. no installation needed.. just run the file.

3 excel sheet files, which are open and formulas are visible and fully editable and meant for unlimited use,
1. To calculate trin values and to copy paste nifty Open-High-Low-Closing Values to nifty XL sheet.
2. Nifty XL sheet ( this contains sheets, for index trading, Bank nifty and stocks)..
3. Commodities XL sheet..(copper, crude, gold and silver sheets, more can be added as per your requirements )

FSI trading system package snapshot

4 folders:
1: how to copy prices values from trin sheet to Nifty XLsheet.
2: trade signals 2012 (for your reference and study for intraday charts)
3. trade signals old (for your reference and study for intraday charts)
4: trade signals work examples ..this is important..here u will learn when the Intraday system gives u the signal.i have marked when u get signals for intraday in charts pic files.

please feel free to send any doubts and queries regarding XL ( Excel ) Trading system to:  geniusjaggu @ gmail  .com

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