Sunday, January 06, 2013

Greatest Money Making Secret

If you want money, you only have to do one thing, that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time most people will fear doing it.

What is that one thing that works for everyone? What is the greatest money-making secret in history?

If you want money, you only have to do one thing. It’s the one thing some of the wealthiest people on the planet have done and are doing. It’s the one thing written about in various ancient cultures and still promoted today. It’s the one thing that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time most people will fear doing it. What is that one thing?

What is the greatest money-making secret in history? Well, answer is.
Give money away. That’s right. Give it away.
Give it to people who help you stay in touch with your inner world.
Give it to people who inspire you, serve you, heal you, love you.
Give it to people without expecting them to return it, but give it knowing it will come back to you multiplied from some other source.

While some might argue that Business tycoons (like John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Tata Sons, Ambani’s) had the money to give, so it was easy for them, they got the money in part because they were willing to freely give. This giving led to the receiving, which led to more wealth. Today it’s fashionable for businesses to give money to worthy causes. It makes them look good and of course it helps those who receive it.

If there’s one thing, people do wrong when they practice giving, is they give too little. They hold on to their money and let it trickle out when it comes to giving. And that’s why they aren’t receiving. You have to give, and give a lot, to be in the flow of life to receive.

Most times, we think that we don’t have anything to give. Yet, if we look more closely, we’ll see that even the little we have could be shared with others. By giving and sharing the little we have, we open up the storehouse of the universe and permit rivers of good to come our way.

The truth is, if you hold on to your money, you risk losing the very thing you are hoarding. On the other hand, if you trust good things flow to those who give freely, you will always have funds available to suit your needs.

Just honestly try to give and you’ll be surprised at the results. Generally, the returns do not come back from those we give to. It comes back from sources we could hardly imagined. So give your way to riches.

Take a chance on this universal principle. Universal principles always work. Sometimes the return from giving happens very quickly. Other times, it takes much longer. But be assured of this: Give and you will receive -- and you’ll receive lots more than you ever gave.

It is a scary difficult personal choice for many people. However, when we give money, money comes back to us tenfold. It keeps money in circulation and breaks down the fear of ‘not enough.’ It is a principle of the Universe: As you give, so shall you receive.”

And when you give, don’t do it with a heart of fear, but with a heart full of gratitude. You will be amazed at how it all works out. Open the gates of affluence in your life by giving a bit of what you have to those in need. As the great Teacher said, “Give and it will be given unto you.” Try it. You’ll like it.

Giving and Receiving: The Fine Print No One Told You About
The general notion is that the more you give, the more you get. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” you should only give if you are giving for the pure joy of giving. If you give because you expect to get, you are defeating the purpose. The universe is not so easily fooled.

Many people give grudgingly or feel deprived after they have made a gift of time or money. If you give out of a feeling of obligation or a sense of sacrifice, the underlying feeling will only lead to disappointment.

Don’t waste your time by giving with the expectation of getting a return on your investment. It seems paradoxical, but if you give without any expectation, you’ll receive MORE because you never did expect anything in return..
The Great Secret To Activating The Law
In order for you to experience increased wealth, You can give money to any causes you like, wherever it makes you feel good to do so (like Charitable causes, Orphanages run by trust/NGO’s, Temple Endowments, etc). In other words, giving to someone who needs it is a noble thing to do. Do it.

The spiritual law of financial income seems to happen when you give money freely to wherever you get your spiritual nourishment, with a small expectation that somehow, some way, some day, your finances will increase as a result.

Beware This Great Traps, for two reasons:
1. Don’t beg for money and expect to get wealthy. Just look at the beggars on the streets. They are not living prosperous life styles. They just live like that.

2. Don’t give money to beggars and expect to get wealthy. I didn’t say don’t help the poor, though it’s questionable how much it helps them to hand them things. Instead, I’m saying don’t give money to people just because they ask for it and expect to turn on the universe’s law.

What is True Giving?
True giving is done anonymously. If someone gives a million dollars to a foundation because they are going to have a building named after them, then that is trading, not giving..

Secret to giving is in not caring if it comes back to you or not, he explained. Once you don’t care, you’re in the flow..! That’s the secret!

Give without expecting return --- give because your heart moves you to give --- give because it’s your joy to give --- and you’re in the flow of life itself. Universe handles the rest.

The law of prosperity, whose first action is giving, comes so close into the heart of being that we can scarcely expect to weigh and balance it by numbers and calculations...We must give without expectation of return.. The universe responds to your heart, not your money. The money is just a symbol. Give money from your heart. When you do, very quickly and in the most surprising ways, the universe itself will then Show you the money!. But don’t give to get. Don’t give as a negotiation with the universe.

In order to be in the flow of life, you must give as well as receive.

When someone offers you money, accept it gratefully.
When someone offers you a compliment, accept it thankfully.
When someone offers you any gift, joyfully welcome it.
If you refuse gifts, compliments, and money, you are closing a door on the prosperity that is trying to come to you. The key is to be in the flow. When you give and receive, you are participating in the flow of life. After all, money has to circulate to do everyone any good. Give it. And when it returns to you, receive it.

When you do that, you’ll not only experience spiritual fulfillment, but it also opens up more gateways for you to receive more abundance into your life. You can see it as good karma.

When you give money to someone, you send a message to yourself and to the world that you are prosperous and in the flow. You also set up a magnetic principle that attracted money to me: As you give, so you will get.
Give time and you’ll get time.
Give products and you’ll get products.
Give love and you’ll get love.
Give money and you’ll get money.
This one tip alone can transform your finances. Think of the person or persons who have inspired you over the last week. Give that person some money. Give them something from your heart. Don’t be stingy. Give without expecting return from that person, but do expect return. As you do, you will see your own prosperity grow. "It’s a win/win situation. Either way, you win!"

That's the Greatest Moneymaking Secret in History!

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jawaharlal bansal said...

Play safe.Trade with a trailing Sl.

Unknown said...

thanks for your opinion.

there are many (known and unknown) ways to make lots of money other than stock market trading.

think think!!!

Unknown said...

bansalji, i have updated the secret to riches!! ;)

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