Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beating Inflation - Classic Style

In Order to Beat Food Inflation, Central Govt mulls change in law to crack down on Spirited hoarders

On the back of spike in food prices, the consumer affairs department plans to amend some sections of the Essential Commodities Act to empower Centre to issue directives to state governments to act against hoarders.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley had on Tuesday asked the states to take effective steps against "speculative hoarding", blaming it as one of the reasons behind the rising prices of some essential commodities.

Onions may not have brought out the tears for alcoholics yet, but here's another price rise in the making that could do just that. Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung has approved a steep hike of 50-55 per cent in excise duty across all segments of liquor, including beer and Hand made Indian Foreign Liquor (IMFL) which  translates into a hike of about 30 per cent for beer and between 15 and 20 per cent for IMFL varieties.

So Beer prices in Delhi will be hiked by 30 per cent, Indian-made foreign liquor will be up 20 per cent in line expected rate of food inflation to avoid mismatch of demand and supply of Essential Commodities prices during the Late Night Good Times Outing.

The hike will be effective by next week. A bottle of Kingfisher beer, which used to cost Rs.60 will cost anything between Rs.75 and 80 now; a bottle of Blenders Pride whisky which comes for Rs.610 now is set to cost more than Rs.700 at city vendors. Royal Stag whisky is to go up from Rs.350 to Rs.410 for a bottle, and Foster's Strong beer will cost you Rs.90 per can now.

Compared to neighbouring Haryana- which borders the Capital on its north, west and south- liquor prices are already high in Delhi.
Delhi -Haryana Prices
Why Delhiwallahs can't go for cheaper Haryana booze, read the rule.

According to rules, a single person cannot possess more than nine litres of IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor) and over three litres of country liquor in the national Capital. This, too, has to be bought from an authorized liquor vendor. A person bringing in liquor from outside Delhi can't possess more than one litre of any category of liquor. Violators face punishment under Section 33 of the Delhi Excise Act, 2009. Those found guilty may have to pay a fine of up to Rs.1 lakh and serve a jail sentence of up to three years.

As Laws are meant to be broken, In order to evade from law, People will paying a fortune to have favorite brands brought in from Haryana through maze of ultra luxurious underground tunnels. Delivered by a SUV armed with a double-door fridge freezer that dispenses perfect ice cubes, marlboro cigarettes, country guns, Belgian chocolates.

The service, according to the Jaggu's Good Times, requires first placing an international telephone order, making a payment by wire transfer to a Numbered Swiss bank account, then agent with Unmarked SUV will pick up the package from haryana ,couriers to bring it through the half-mile tunnels and deliver it to border to the office of the entrepreneur behind the scheme, and a fleet of e-motorbikes as they cannot penalized by traffic police and environmental activists to take the packages – by now, presumably will be Hot and warm – changing multiple hands to their final destination.

Under construction tunnel
these black market tunnels which are under construction between Haryana and Delhi will be bringing Hot deliveries and making Millionaires, "Just give me a shopping list of anything – literally anything – you want, and it will be here in two hours," a unknown smuggler in darkness of night, so vast fortunes will be made by black marketeers.

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