Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Basic Instinct 2

It is a dream of most to meet Bollywood celebrities. youngsters in mangalore will realize this dream when they meet Bollywood's renowned director and producer Mahesh Bhatt, who has 'wide experience' in film industry will certainly enrich students understanding about cinema (esp Jism2 and Raaz3 with its Bullsht storyline)and the present day (wardrobe) challenges faced by the film industry.

Mahesh Bhatt's Daughter Alia Bhatt
Maina Parinda, a student of Miss-communication says it is a great opportunity to ask movies
related questions like Jism2 and Raaz3 to Mahesh Bhatt and learn many things about nonsense-film making because he has been in movie industry for the past many decades.

"this kind of exposure will boost our confidence to build career in the film industry," she added who is Mahesh bhatt daughter's fan.

Meanwhile forest department officials have succeeded in trapping a leopard cub which had strayed into seminar hall, its mother has jumped onto the cage and prevented officials from shifting the little one.

The mother leopard has been prowling around the cage covered in the bush, since she doesn't want her kid to star in nonsense movie, she would prefer karan johar's venture.

Forest officials have cordoned off the seminar area fearing a possible attack by the mother if they sign it in a Mahesh Bhatt movie venture.

According to Unknown sources, there's confusion in bhatt camp about the aspirant, they haven’t decided whether to reject the struggler or Sign it for a movie.

As per the reports, five companies of Vijay Mallya-led UB Group have outperformed the BSE 30-stock index, Sensex, where the gain has been less than 6 per cent so far in 2012-13. Shares of some UB group firms have gained as much as 57 per cent since the beginning of the current fiscal.

According to Stock market experts, the main driver behind this rally in UB group shares has been speculations about Mallya's Weight reduction therapy to save Kingfisher Airlines.

"Speculation has been rife on an (weight) loss reduction that kept Mallya-controlled companies' shares on a high spirit at the bourses, like his Spirits Business" ChandaMama Brokers CMD Kishori Lal said.

As per reports, UB Group is also looking at offloading Some Overweight Airhostess to other Non Performing Companies suchk as Whyte & Mackay (W&M) which is likely to help debt-ridden Kingfisher in loss reduction.

Late last week, the government allowed 49 per cent investment by foreign airlines in aviation-a long-awaited move by Mallya Mam to help raise Himself by bringing in a strategic partner.

Meanwhile, Mallya Mam has issued a notice to cabin crew to behave themselves mid-air, in the face of many complaints about them consuming passengers' beer and meals quota in the galley area.
Since the complaints came from first class passengers, the Mallya mam wasted no time in issuing the notice, that cabin crew should not drink and eat the passengers' beer and meals in front of passengers during the flights instead they can use lavatory which is in backend of the aircraft.

As per some complaints, on many occasions, cabin crew group together to eat meals in the aircraft galley area, delaying the response time to attend passengers' nature call during flights.

The notice clearly said the crew has to take meals in turn so that sufficient area is available to attend calls.

Already in an embarrassing situation, grappling with the financial losses and failed turnaround strategies, the Mallya mama cannot afford to upset passengers in aviation sectors.

when asked some strategy by jaggu, one passenger said "At least now the Mallya mama has realised, remove all aunties from the flight and replace them by some smart females from Business news channel.... you will then see your profits increase just like Business channels during Market hours".

In political circles, Didi blasted, "Shame on them, I think they are eating the food of poor labourers, they should also stop this practice, Next you may find the cabin crew openly pickpocketing the sleeping passengers".

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