Tuesday, September 04, 2007

TA = Technical analysts who are either daytradrers, swing traders, they play for the shortterm...... these guys are poor have little capital, have high BP and their staple diet is adrenalin.

FA = Fundamental analysts who invest for the long term... the dream guys... they live in the world of fantasies....they are too stubborn adn terribly convinced and take the skies, the democracy, the judiciary, and smooth function of exchanges, currency rates and so on for granted.... the genuine ones are holidaying in Florida even during massive sell offs like we had on friday..the half baked ones are busy fighting the Technical analysts and know that most technical analysts are liars that they never foresaw any technical bounce they claimed to have gauged and they never played the technical rallies they boast about. LOL
(Above definitions r courtesy of radhika_nandlal)

SA = Skeptical Analysts:Does a lot of research and does no action. They dont know whether they shud believe TA or FA.When FA is good they wait for TA and when TA is good one, Bad result will come....and then they start blaming everyone on MMB,i.e. the Company,its Mgmt,Operators,Finance Minster,Commerce Minister,.....and finally his broker for his hefty brokerage he charged..ROTFL...(with Spl inputs frm yembeee)

MA = MMB Addicts..these very sticky ppl,stickier than poor frogs legs,they stick to MMB as FEVICOL has been invented by them..they r more loyal to the company,than to their family,they dont care abt their family,their kids,...they here virutally on every boards 24X7..till they r forcibly chased away by other co-boarders for their Xtreme views.....LOL...

Last but not Least forgotton, EVERGREEN type:
HA = Humour agents are ppl who are hyper active jump boards to boards in search of elusive nirvana (bearish/bullish views) ,for the sake of opposing the other person's view(right or wrong),they r here for eternal...these guys have good sense of humour...high with dose of adrenalin in their (beer=Men) bellies...they command high PE value ratio than their poor co-boarders....(PE=Pure Entertainment Value)..without these ppl's contribution,MMB wud resemble like the streets of KABUL & BAGDAD....ROTFL...

DA = Dumb-founded Analyst,Who are very very CONFUSED & dont know what to do , whether to sell OR buy OR hold OR jump...??u can find them every(Day)where on MMB,These are that kinda of people who stand on the 6-Way CROSSING and dont know whether to go right or left or straight or diagonal.....make confuse others also...they r worse than our Absent-minded college Proffessor,where students atleast know that he is trying to tell something... LOL(Spl Thanks to Pranky)

OA = Ostrich Analyst,these ppl r,wo give excellent targets for operators operated momentum stks,wen the stk backfires..they gonna b NOWHERE to seen or heard...they r better magicians than legendary DAVID BLAINE,wo atleast comes back after his magic trick...LOL....

SA = Said Analyst,wo always boast of predictions two months in advance,by chance suddenly mkts go opposite...then they scream from rooftops abt their DOOMED (already expired)predictions.(LOL)...

TDA = TELEDATA Analyst,is one who knows that TD should be bought and sold at 62 & 72 only respectively,and knows that it shud not b kept for more than 72 rupees..but he/she refers 24 indicators before buying TD at 62.10 rupees and selling at 71.90 rupees..LOL....(Thank you GOOGOLbhai for inspiration)....LOL..

MBA = Market Bet(spread)sheet Analyst,r ppl wo trade the market with their unusual spreadsheet skills...they can survive the onslaught of SHARK's n BIG FISH's such as Cartels,Operators,Finance minister 2 days in advance..finding them is very easy,u will find them top 20 in popular boarders category by virtue of their TRINAnalysis..u find all information regarding marketconditions(Local and Global) which is useless to u...(Spl Thanks To Ramge for inspiration)...LOL

ACA = Aastha Channel Analysts,r ppl who have tremendous knowledge abt Co's,its Mgt's,Global Economy....they give u detailed analysis which is useless,unless u r going apply for DIRECTORSHIP of that company..they know Company better than its Managing Director....LOL(Spl Thanks To Ramge for inspiration)

Investor = A TRADER who finds him/herself on the WRONG side of the market can simply decide to hold onto the stock,UNLESS hoping that it will stage a comeback at some point in the FUTURE.This is how many traders stop being traders and become INVESTORS...LOL....(with Spl inputs frm yembeee)

Trader = Are the ppl,Who once tasted the SACCHARINE (Trading),then they forget about SUGAR(Investing)...Now they r like an ANT who is trapped in sugar tin...they dont know whether to try to come out or stay inside....LOL(Spl Thanks To Yembeee)

MORE TO COME as and when i find some interesting ppl on this mysterious mmb......and will try my best to meet to all ur expectations..
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